How To Position a Baby in a VIJA Garment

Newborns are most comfortable in the fetal position, legs curled up. As they get bigger, the "frog" (sitting-squatting) position is recommended: rounded back, with knees bent up and above the hips, approximately belly button height. This is the natural position the baby is getting when we snuggle him against us. Inside the garment: The garment should fit snugly to provide good support. You should feel baby's weight evenly distributed and without pressure points. The fabric should support the back, shoulders, and bottom to under the knees. Make sure baby's head is supported if you get up. Airways must be clear and visible AT ALL TIMES, the chin should not touch the chest. Baby's head should be high enough to kiss.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some pictures circulating on the Internet showing our clothes with bad positioning. Poor positioning can be harmful to the normal growth of the baby, can be bad for proper breathing and can also damage the garment.

While wearing baby in our garments, please take caution to:

  • Make sure baby's back is not too "relaxed" or rounded, and check if support is well spread from one knee to the other.

  • Always make baby is breathing normally. The airway must never be obstructed.

  • Avoid heat stroke. Be on the lookout for signs of discomfort, especially on very warm days. Be mindful of signs of overheating: heat rash, wet hair, etc.

  • Pay attention to your new dimensions, don't bump baby!

  • Do not sleep, do not cook, do not play sports, and avoid any situation in which a fall could occur while baby is in the garment.


Make sure the garment is always clean (wash before first wear) and in good condition. If a seam is fraying, or looks as if it is in disrepair, discontinue use.