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Vija Design is the first new mom clothing collection that promotes breastfeeding and skin-to-skin (kangaroo care). Vija Design was created by Vivianne Brault in 2008 and is still ethically made in Canada.

As a mother of a 2 month premature baby, and being fascinated by biology, she noticed how skin-to-skin (kangaroo care), especially in the NICU, was so beneficial to her baby's health and her own.

Bringing your baby to your chest is a natural instinctive bonding action, yet so little practiced. Vivianne has made it her mission to talk about it, encourage it, and above all help other moms by normalizing skin-to-skin, contact and making it easier, fun, and safe!

Vija Design's garments were created in collaboration with pediatricians, lactation consultants, and NICU specialists. In 2011 she created a skin-to-skin shirt for Dad's and in 2015 she created one for twin Mom's, helping even more babies and parents! Vivianne continues to innovate and create amazing products to help parents practice skin-to-skin.


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What people say

"I LOVE my Vija baby wearing shirt! It came just before I had an early induction for my preemie. It's absolutely perfect!"

Sarah N.

"I have one I used with my first born (which both of my sisters have used and loved as a hand me down) and I gave this one as a gift....she is in love!!"

Jason B.

"Best money I spent in my pregnancy."

Katherine B.

Meet Us

Vivianne Brault


Vivianne is an expert in textiles, a utility garment designer, and a mother of a premature baby. She took her passion and expertise to create Vija Design. The name came from combining the names of her two babies; Justine and Anaïs.

Beth & Kim

US Distribution

We have a passion for skin to skin and know that VIJA Designs is the bees knees in skin to skin garments.
Beth is a mom to two crazy boys & Kim is the mom of three amazing kiddos.