Meet Our Brand Enthusiasts! Vol. II, Kendra!

Meet Our Brand Enthusiasts! Vol. II, Kendra!

Our next Brand Enthusiast is Kendra. She's a working mother of two, who still makes time to send us amazing photos! We love her commitment to skin to skin and kangaroo care with her little one, while effortlessly juggling her toddler. Or at least it looks effortless, I'm sure she would tell us that she puts quite a LOT of effort into it. =)

What city do you live in?

I live in Braintree, 15 minutes south of Boston, MA.

What is your kid(s) name and how old?

I have 2 daughters - Mary (19 months) and Anna (2 months).

Why did you want to be a Brand Enthusiast for us?

With my first daughter, I had a babywearing shirt that I lived in. My husband wished they made a men's version so he could bond with Mary in the same way. So when we got pregnant with Anna, I set out to find one for him. He was so excited when I ordered him his Vija top! It is so well made, and I was jealous of his because it seemed to support the baby better than mine. I couldn't justify getting another shirt for myself, so I was super excited to be a Brand Enthusiast to try one out for myself. I also loved all the other stylish nursing items on Milk and Baby.

What is your parenting style?

I think I have a hybrid parenting style. I love to bond with my girls through things like breastfeeding and babywearing, so I take some inspiration from attachment parenting. But I also try to foster independence for them - the closest we come to co-sleeping is using a bed-side Moses basket, and we start transitioning to their own room around 8 weeks. I'm laid back in the sense that I like to watch for the girls to set their own lead to establish a schedule, but once we settle into it, I'm pretty inflexible about straying from it. For my girls, at least, sticking to a schedule helps them feel their best.

Who is your favorite parenting/breastfeeding/pregnancy icon? Why?

I of course look up to my Mom, but I think I'm most inspired by my best friends. I am quick to reach out to them for advice on breastfeeding, babywearing, how to survive the many challenges of the baby stage, and just about everything else. My friend Charity got me started on cloth diapering and I constantly pick her brain on that!

What is your best parenting tip?

My best parenting tip is to follow your gut on how to take care of your kids. Everyone wants to tell you how to be the best parent, and there are endless books and blogs on how you can succeed in parenting. But, in reality, every kid is different and family dynamics matter - so there is no one-size-fits all to being a Mom. You have to trust that no one knows your kid as well as you do!

What is the one breastfeeding item you can't live without?

There are SO many breastfeeding things I feel like I couldn't live without. But, probably the most essential from the start is a good nipple cream. My favorite is Motherlove Nipple cream.

What is your favorite children's song, poem, author, or artist?

My favorite children's book is Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson. I also really like Peter Reynolds - probably my favorite little story by him is a book called Ish.

What is your hobby?

I love sewing. I mostly sew things for my girls like bibs and grow-with-me pants, but I also quilt sometimes.

What is your favorite item from

I'm pretty obsessed with my Vija skin-to-skin t shirt and nursing top. I like all the nursing pajama pant sets on Isabelle is probably my current favorite.

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