Meet Our Brand Enthusiasts! Vol. I, Jaime!

Meet Our Brand Enthusiasts! Vol. I, Jaime!

Recently we partnered with Milk & Baby to start a Brand Enthusiast program. I believe in the power of mothers talking to mothers, honest portrayals of life with baby(ies), and how our products make it a little easier (or at least cuter!) We had some amazing submissions, but were finally able to narrow it down to five of our first Brand Enthusiasts!

They were all kind enough to answer questions for me so that you can learn about these amazing moms! So without further ado, here's Jaime!

What city do you live in?

I live in Wilmington, North Carolina.

What is your kid(s) name and how old?

I have one tiny human, Tommy, and he is almost 4 months old.

Why did you want to be a Brand Enthusiast for us?

Milk and Baby and Vija Design US really encompasses two of the things I feel are most essential to my life as a mom. I love breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact. They are both my go to’s for soothing and spending time with my little man. I am so glad I found a company that feels as strongly about these practices as I do.

What is your parenting style?

We generally practice baby-led parenting. I was infinitely blessed to have my little one, but even luckier that he came with his own sleeping and feeding schedule. I want him to feel comfortable and accepted and I feel the best way to do that is listen to his needs rather than to make them up for him. We additionally follow some of the retro-parenting guidelines, however I love baby wearing, so that isn’t followed to a T (then again, there’s not much with an infant that is.)

Who is your favorite parenting/breastfeeding/pregnancy icon? Why?

My favorite breastfeeding icon is Alyssa Milano. In the wake of social media adversity she really showed the critics (no pun intended) that breastfeeding is natural, wonderful, and an act to be marveled-not shamed. 

What is your best parenting tip?

Don’t take the small stuff too seriously. Some nights you won’t sleep. Some days he will nurse for what seems like hours. Sometimes he will only fall asleep if you cuddle him…someday he wont need it. Treasure every booger-filled, wide-eyed smiling, “honey…where are the wipes?” moments.

What is the one breastfeeding item you can't live without?

I LOVE Earth Mama + Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter-it’s saved my sanity on many occasions. I also really love my Mothers Milk tea!

What is your favorite children's song, poem, author, or artist?

Our favorite children’s song is actually a Veggie Tales song from 1998 called “His Cheeseburger.” We aren’t really sure why it calms our little ham down so much, but it works like magic and is really fun to play down the aisles of Target.

What is your hobby?

My hobby is dancing, Pilates, yoga or really anything to keep me active. I am a former University of North Carolina Dance Company and a former NCAA Division 1 Cheerleader. I love working out and feeling my best. Also, Netflix.

What is your favorite item from

My favorite Milk and Baby product would have to be my Nicole Labor and Delivery Gown. I felt SO much better delivering in my own gown. I received lots of compliments on it both in the hospital and by people who saw pictures from that amazing day. We now have our little one’s footprints on the gown and it will be treasured forever. My favorite Vija product is definitely the cummerbund, I love that boyfriends and hubby’s can get in on the skin-to-skin bonding with it!

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